In Force On And From November,1999 with subsequent amendments

(Updated on 1st May 2015).



Part Rules Head
I 1 Definition / Interpretation of words & Phrases.
II 2 - 5 Application of these rules.
III 6 - 14 Race Meetings.
IV 15 - 36 Stewards of the Meeting.
V 37 - 46 Stewards of the Club.
VI 47 - 49 Board of Appeal.
VII 50 - 51 General Conditions Applicable to Stewards of the Meeting, Stewards of the Club, Members of the Board of Appeal.
VIII 52 - 56 Officials.
" 57 - 60 Secretary
" 61 Stipendiary Stewards.
" 62 Handicapper.
" 63 - 65 Clerk of the Scales.
" 66 Judge.
" 67 Veterinary Officer.
IX 68 Horses - Class and Age.
" 69 - 72 The Naming and Registering of Horses.
" 73 - 78 Disqualification of Horses.
X 79 - 91 Entry.
" 92 - 93 Death of Owner or Nominator.
XI 94 - 98 Sale with Engagements.
XII 99 Part Ownerships Leases, Contingencies.
XIII 100 - 104 Jockeys and Riders Licenses, etc.
" 105 - 108 Jockeys' retainers.
" 109 - 110 Jockeys' Fees
" 111 Retainers.
" 112 Stable Servants.
" 113 - 114 Trainers Licenses.
" 115 Bookmakers.
XIV 116 - 119 Racing Colours.
XV 120 - 126 Entrance Money, Stakes and Forfeits.
XVI 127 - 129 The Unpaid Forfeit List.
XVII 130 - 138 Weights, Penalties, and Allowances.
" 139 Conditions of Qualification.
" 140 - 142 Declaration to Start.
XVIII 143 - 150 The Weighing Room & Weighing Out.
XIX 151 - 158 Starter and Starting.
XX 159 - 169 Running.
" 170 Walking Over.
XXI 171 - 176 Dead Heat.
XXII 177 - 180 Weighing In.
XXIII 181 - 190 Prizes.
XXIV 191 - 200 Objections, Appeals, Etc.
XXV 201 - 220 Corrupt Practices, Disqualifications and Offences.
XXVI 221 Reciprocal Action.
XXVII 222 New Rules.


Appendix "A" Owning and Racing Horses by limited companies.
Appendix "B" Registration of Racing Syndicates.
Appendix "C" Scale of Weights in Weight-for-Age and Weight-for Age and Class Races for each month of the year.
Appendix "D" The Benevolent Fund and Fines & Turf Club Accident Fund.
Appendix "E" Rules of Betting adopted by The Royal Calcutta Turf Club.
Appendix "F" Rules relating to Defaulters.
Appendix "G" Infections or Notifiable diseases.


RULES OF RACING OF Royal Calcutta Turf Club




These Rules apply to all Race Meetings held under the Sanction of the Royal Calcutta Turf Club and to all races run at such meetings. These rules shall come into force with effect from 1 November 1999.

Obligation on the part of persons coming within the purview of these Rules.

Any person who takes part in any matter coming within these Rules shall be held thereby to consent to be bound by them.

Short Title These rules may be called the Rules of Racing.


In these Rules, the following words and phrases shall, unless the contexts otherwise require, shall mean:

"Recognised Meeting" is a Race Meeting held under the sanction of any Turf Authorities of India or a Recognised Turf Authority of any country recognised by the Turf Authorities of India and as published in the Racing/Sheet Calendar from time to time.

"Recognised Turf Authority" is one whose jurisdiction is from time to time recognised and published by the Turf Authorities of India.

The Turf Authorities of India are:--

i) The Royal Calcutta Turf Club;

ii) The Royal Western India Turf Club, Ltd.;

iii) The Madras Race Club;

iv) The Bangalore Turf Club Ltd.; and

v) The Hyderabad Race Club.

vi) The Mysore Race Club Ltd.

"India" (that is Bharat) shall mean the Union or States as defined in Section I of the Constitution of India.

"Apprentice" means a person who is duly bound to a trainer or the Club in accordance with the Rules of Racing of the Club.

"Arrears" means and includes all dues payable and also includes any sums unpaid in respect of fines, compensation, fees, entrance money, stakes, subscriptions, forfeits and purchase money in races with selling conditions; loans, and/or financial assistance of any kind granted by the Club, dues payable to the Turf Club House (if any), or any place of accommodation where boarding and lodging is provided by the Club and any other sums due to the Club by any person including a member of the Club or non-member or an employee of the Club.

"Authorised Agent" means an agent, appointed by a document signed by the owner or his constituted attorney and lodged at the office of the Club in Mumbai/ Pune/ Hyderabad/ Banglore/ Calcutta/ Chennai/ Mysore, or, if for use at a single meeting only, lodged with the Secretary of that meeting, and includes a sub-agent, if authority to appoint a sub-agent is conferred by the document. An Authorised Agent can act for an owner in all matters contained in these Rules. The document appointing the Authorised Agent will remain valid till such time that the same is revoked by the owner in writing and such revocation shall have been lodged at the office of the Club in Mumbai/ Pune/ Hyderabad/ Banglore/ Calcutta/ Chennai/ Mysore In the event the document appointing the Authorised Agent is revoked by the Owner, The authority appointing the sub-agent shall also stand revoked automatically and no notice need be given to revoke the appointment of the sub-agent.

"Board of Appeal" (hereinafter called the Board), is a forum duly constituted to provide scope to any person aggrieved by any decision or order of the Stewards of the Club in any matter involving punishment, penalty or fine, to prefer an Appeal from such decision or order. Such Appeal shall be heard, determined and disposed of by the Board in accordance with the provisions contained in the Rules of Racing and the provisions published in Notice/s and the Racing Calendar of the Club from time to time.

"Breeder" is the person who owns the dam when the foal is dropped.

"Club" or "Turf Club "shall mean: "The Royal Calcutta Turf Club."

"Course/Race Course" means and includes the Course of the Club any racecourse, training ground or land over which the Club has control or the management for the time-being, and, it also includes the race course and training ground or any land of which any other Club has the control or management of that Club for racing or training purposes.

"Cup" is a race to be run for a Cup, Salver or Similar prize and any such race are still a "Cup" though money or other prize be added.

"Day" means 24 hours finishing at midnight.

"Decision Conclusive "-- any act done or decision made by the Stewards of the Club or by the Stewards in the exercise or intended exercise of any right, power or authority conferred by or under any of the rules shall, except where otherwise provided in the rules, be final and conclusive.

"Disqualification "includes adoption or confirmation according to these rules of any disqualification and "disqualify" has a corresponding meaning.

" Drug " or a " Prohibited substance " means a substance originating externally whether or not it is endogenous to the horse which falls in any of the categories contained in the prescribed list published from time to time by the Stewards of the club in the Racing Calendar. Substances include the metabolites of that substance and the isomers of the substance and the metabolites as also substances acting on the musculoskeletal system of the equine. The term shall include any substance that works as a performance enhancer. The finding of any scientific indicator of administration or other exposure to a prohibited substance is also equivalent to the finding of the substance. The effect/ efficacy of the prohibited substance on the performance of the horse is irrelevant to the implementation of these rules.

The "Forfeit List" is a record of arrears published under the sanction of any Turf Authority of India.

"Graded and Listed Races" are those races which are published in the schedule of races as "Graded and Listed Races" of the Pattern Races Committee constituted by the Turf Authorities of India.

"A Handicap" is a race in which the weights to be carried by the horses are adjusted by the Handicapper for the purpose of equalising their chances of winning.

"Horse" includes mare, gelding, rig, colt and filly measuring 148 centimeters or over.

"Interest"-- Interest means interest in a horse in any form of ownership, including co-ownership, joint-ownership, partnership, syndicate membership etc. and includes interest as a breeder provided such breeder has any form of pecuniary interest in the horse.

A "Jockey" is a person licensed by the Stewards of the Club to ride for hire and in the absence of express reference in the context to an Apprentice Jockey or Riding Boy includes an Apprentice Jockey and Riding Boy, the expression Jockey shall include the rider of a horse and vice versa.

"Judge" means the person duly appointed as such and includes any Assistant Judge similarly appointed in accordance with these Rules.

"Lease" means and includes an agreement duly lodged and registered with the Club in accordance with the rules where by the owner of a horse permits another person to race the horse.

"Licence" means and includes any approval, consent, permission or permit granted by the Stewards of the Club . A person is licenced if he has the requisite licence required by the Rules.

"Limited Company" means a company duly incorporated under he existing Laws in force.

"Maiden" means a horse which at the time of starting has never won a race other than a Match or Private Sweepstakes at any recognised race meeting in India or in any other country.

"Match" is a race between horses, the property of two different owners on terms agreed by them and to which no money or other prize is added.

" Meeting " shall comprise a group of race days, notified as such in the Racing Calendar and/or prospectus in respect of any period and shall include any extra day/s notified by the Stewards of the club.

"Month" means a Calendar month.

"Nominator" is the person in whose name a horse is entered for a race.

The "Office" means the office for the time being of the Turf Club/Club.

" Official " means and includes the Chief Executive Officer, Secretary, Stipendiary Stewards, Veterinary Surgeon,Handicapper, Judge , Starter, Clerk of the Course, Clerk of the Scales as also any other person appointed by the Stewards of the club to perform any service or act or to carry out any duty of the club.

"Owner" means the legal and not the equitable owner of a horse and approved by the Stewards of the Club and permitted by them to own horses and race them under the Rules of Racing with the specific condition that they will at all times follow the Rules of Racing of the Club and accept their decision as final and binding and includes part owner/s. Where a horse is leased, the word owner means the lessee or a part-lessee but not lessor and the lessor of a horse shall be deemed to have no racing interest in the horse and the interest of the Lessor in such horse shall be subject to terms and conditions of the Lease Agreement between the Lessor and the Lessee. In the case of a horse owned by a Limited Company or a syndicate, the word "Owner" means the Company or the syndicate, as the case may be.

"Photograph" is the photograph taken when the horses pass the Winning Post by the Camera installed under the authority of the Stewards of the Club.

A "Plate" is a race for which a prize or prizes of definite value is or guaranteed by the Race Fund, the entrance fee, forfeit, subscription or other contribution of owners going to the Race Fund.

"Private Sweepstakes" is (a race) one for which no money or other prize is added and which has not been publicly advertised to previous closing.

"Prize" includes any material gain or benefit capable of being valued in money earned by a horse for winning or being placed in a race but it shall not include the value of any stallion services won in connection with a race under the Rules.

"Punishment" means any order made or decision given, which, in any way prohibits or restricts the activities of a person so far as racing and/or betting or any matters related or even incidental to racing and/or betting are concerned and includes the suspension from riding or training or suspension of the operation of a book to imposition of a fine and/or disqualification of any nature.

"Race" means plate, cup, sweepstakes, private sweepstakes or match and includes a flat race.

Note:- A horse which has only won a match or private sweepstakes is not debarred from any race, a condition of which is that horses shall not have won a race of a special value or distance.

" Race Fund " means an amount set aside by the organizers of the race meeting to meet the advertised stake money and other liabilities connected with the conduct of a sanctioned meeting under the rules.

"The Racing Calendar" means the periodical published under that name by or under the authority of the Club and it includes the Sheet Calendar and the Book Calendar of races past.

"Season" is the Racing Season of the Club commencing on 1st May and concluding on 30th April.

"Secretary" means the Secretary of the Meeting.

"Secretary of the Club" means any person duly appointed as Secretary of the Club under the Articles of Association, or Rules and Regulations of the Club.

A "Selling race" is one the conditions of which require that every horse running, if a loser may be claimed, and, if the winner, must be offered for sale by auction.

"Stewards" means the Stewards of the Meeting.

The "Stewards of the Club" means the Stewards of the Club duly constituted pursuant to the Rules and/or Articles of Association of the Club.

" Suspension " means the withdrawal of any right or privilege granted under these rules.

A "Sweepstakes" is a race in which stakes are made by the owners of three or more horses engaged to be paid to the winner or placed horses and any such race is still a sweepstakes when money or other prize is added.

"The Time of Entry" means the time fixed for closing of Entry for any race.

A "Trainer" is a person who holds a license from the Stewards of the Turf Club to train race horses.

" Warned Off "- a person warned off a race course is one who is not permitted to enter a race course under the control of the club or body warning him off. A person warned off shall also be subject to the other disabilities and disqualification's under these rules.

"Weight for age race" means a race in which the weights to be carried by horses are apportioned according to the age or sex and remains a weight for age race even if there be penalties and allowances or the race be confined to horses of the same age.

"Winning" includes deadheating for first place, walking over and receiving forfeit, but not running second or in any lower place.

"Winnings" means and includes any stakes, monies, or prizes (whether in money or in the nature of trophies) actually credited to a winning horse (whether receivable by its owner or any other person in connection with the running of any advertised race in any country under Rules of Racing of the recognised Turf Authority of that country.

Words importing the singular include the plural and the plural the singular, unless the context requires otherwise; and words importing the masculine gender shall be deemed and taken to include the feminine gender unless the contrary is expressly provided; and words importing the feminine shall be deemed and taken to include the masculine unless the contrary is expressly provided.



2. Any person who takes part in any matter coming within the Rules of Racing of the Royal Calcutta Turf Club shall be held thereby to consent to be bound by them.

3. Commencement : These Rules shall come into operation on the 1st day of November 1999 and any other Rules of Racing repugnant to or inconsistent with these Rules shall be annulled as from that day, but such annulment shall not :- (a) Affect the previous operation of any Rule so annulled or anything duly done or suffered thereunder, or (b) Affect any right, privilege, obligation, or liability, acquired, accrued or incurred under any Rule so annulled or (c) Affect any penalty or disqualification incurred in respect of any offence committed against any Rule so annulled or (d) Affect any investigation, proceeding, or remedy in respect of any such right, privilege, obligation, liability or penalty as aforesaid.

Any investigation, inquiry, proceeding or remedy may be instituted, continued or enforced and any penalty, punishment, fine, suspension, disqualification, exclusion, expulsion or warning of may be imposed, continued or enforced as if these rules had not been passed.

4.(a) These rules apply to all races held under the management or control of the Royal Calcutta Turf Club and shall together with such rules (not being repugnant to or inconsistent with these rules) as may from time to time be made by the Club be read and construed as the rules of racing of the Royal Calcutta Turf Club and shall apply to all races held under the management and or control of the Royal Calcutta Turf Club.

     (b) Any question not provided for by these rules shall be determined by the Stewards of the Club.

5. All regulations made under the authority of these rules shall have the same force and effect as if included in these rules.




6.(a) All Race Meetings held under these Rules must be sanctioned by the Club.

(b) No Meeting shall be sanctioned unless the value of every race to the winner will amount to at least Rs.10,000/- in whatever form the prize is given, and no new race of a lower value shall be added.

(c) A meeting need not be sanctioned if all the races are for prizes of a fixed and published value and there is no race in which the value of the prize offered to the winner or any other horse exceeds Rs. 9999/- in whatever form the prize is given.

7. The full program of every race meeting and the conditions of every race shall be approved by the Stewards of the Club before they are published in the Racing Calendar.

8. The Program shall state the days on which the race meeting is to be held, the terms of the race and the General conditions, if any, under which the meeting is to be held.

9. The time and place of every race meeting and, unless otherwise ordered by the Stewards of the Club , the full program of the meeting shall be advertised in the Racing Calendar/Prospectus.

10. Rule 9 above shall not preclude the addition of more money to a race before the time of closing or of a new race to the program of a meeting.

The Stewards of the Club shall have power at all time and from time to time to reduce or vary the stake money of any race/s or even cancel a race/s even after publication/advertisement of the stake money of such race/s, if in the opinion of the stewards of the Club it becomes necessary/expedient to do so on any ground including non payment and/or part payment by a sponsor of the sponsorship amount dues agreed to be contributed for a sponsored race.The Stewards of the Club after having considered the same,shall be entitled to give their decision in the matter in their absolute discretion as deemed fit which may include the reduction of stake money or cancellation of any race or races.No person shall be entitled to raise any dispute on the decision taken by the Stewards of the Club and all persons shall be bound by such decision.

11. The Stewards of the Club may, at their discretion , refuse to sanction any race meeting and may prohibit the advertisement of any race or race meeting n the Racing Calendar. They may also call upon the Stewards of the Meeting to alter or modify or rescind any conditions even after the publication of the Racing Calendar. Further, the Stewards of the Club shall also have the power, suo motto, to alter or modify or rescind any conditions even after the publication of the Racing Calendar.

12. After the meeting, the Secretary/Stipendiary Stewards shall forthwith submit to the Secretary of the Club a return showing :

(a) The names of all the horses which started in each race, and the names of their riders, the weights carried and the overweight (if any) declared -;

(b) The position of the horses placed by the Judge and the distances between each of them;

(c) The objections (if any) preferred, and the decision of the Stewards thereon;

(d) The value of each race and the particulars of other prizes (if any) allotted.

(e) He shall also submit a list of all fines imposed and punishments awarded.

13. The Stewards of the Club may at any time call upon the Stewards or the Secretary to submit a detailed account of the Race Fund and to give such further particulars in regard to it or the meeting, as may be considered necessary by the Stewards of the Club.

14. There shall be no race of a distance less than 1000 Metres.