1. The Stewards of the Club have authority to settle all questions relating to bets.

2. In all bets there must be a possibility to win when the bet is made. You cannot win when you cannot lose.

a) No betting first past the post will be recognised by the Stewards.

b) No betting is permitted except at the Totalisators, or with licenced Bookmakers.

3. All bets on races under the Rules of Racing of the Club are P.P. play or pay with the following exceptions:-

(i) When the entry of the horse has become void on account of the death of the person by whom he was entered, subject to the conditions as permitted under the Rules of Racing.

(ii) When a race is postponed for a time longer than that authorised under the appropriate Rules of racing, or when the conditions of a race are altered after the bets are made.

(iii) Bets on matches.

(iv) Subject to exceptions under appropriate Rules of Racing, bets made after the Official notification of starters, about a horse that is not subsequently under the Starter's Orders as defined in the Rules of Racing.

(a) In the event of the Stewards at any time before the start ordering or permitting a horse to be withdrawn from a race after the time for scratching; or

If in the opinion of the Stewards a horse has been prevented from starting by mechanical failure of any starting gate;

The Stewards may declare such horse a non starter and may declare off all bets made on the race course on such horse on the day of the race and may make such order as to the settlement of any other bets made on the race on the day of the race as they think fit.

(b) In the exercise of their powers under Rule 3 (a), the Stewards, if they consider that the late withdrawal of a horse from a race would have any material effect on the odds of the remaining horses, may make an order that payment of winning and place bets on a race for which a horse has been declared a non starter be subjected to a deduction as prescribed by the stewards from time to time.

4. When the "Weighed in" signal has been given the bets go to the horses as officially shown and no objection, appeal or disqualification made subsequent to such signal shall disturb the destination of bets except in cases of fraud.

5. Bets made on one horse against another, or that one horse beats another, are determined if either of them should win unless agreed by the parties, it is not indispensable that both horses should start. Bets made between horses 1,2,3 are determined by the places assigned by the Judge. It is not necessary to say the best of 1,2,3.

6. In the event of a dead-heat and in “double events” if either is decided in the backer's favour and the other results in dead-heat, the money betted must be put together and equally divided, except in the event of a dead-heat in a match in which case bets are void. In a "double event" if both horses backed run dead-heat the money betted must be put together and divided in the proportion of one fourth to the backer and three fourth to the layer.

7. If a bet is made on one of the horses that runs the dead-heat against a beaten horse, he who backed the horse that ran the dead-heat wins half his bet. If odds are laid against another 1,2,3, and they run a dead-heat for either place, the money betted must be put together and equally divided.

8. The person who lays odds has the right to choose a horse, or the field; when a person has chosen a horse, the field is what starts against him. If odds are laid without mentioning the horse before the race is over, the bet must be determined by the state of the odds at the time of making it.

9. Bets made after a race that the winner will be disqualified stand, even if no objection be made.

10. Any bet made from signal or indication when the race has been determined, shall be considered fraudulent and void.

11. All bets on matches and private sweepstakes depending between any two horses shall be void if those horses subsequently become the property of the same person or his avowed confederate.

12. Double-event bets are determined when the first is lost.

13. Bets made on horses wining any number of races within the year shall be understood to mean between the 1st May and 30th April ensuing.

14. Money given to have a bet laid shall be returned, if the race be not run.

15. In the event of a race being ordered to be run again or of a false start or breakaway after which the Stewards give permission for any horse or horses not to return to the Starting Post, bets in favour of such horse or horses shall be refunded.

16. Bets once made cannot be declared off except by mutual consent, but on any allegation of fraud or corrupt practice, the Stewards of the Club will investigate the case, and may declare the bet void. Either of the bettors may demand stakes to be made, on proving to the satisfaction of the Stewards of the Club that he has just cause for doing so. If ordered, the bets must be covered or sufficient security offered, and a person refusing to cover shall be liable to be dealt with as if he were a defaulter.

17. If any extraordinary occasion should arise, or in case of notorious and palpable fraud, any of the before mentioned Rules may be suspended by the Stewards of the Club.

18. A bet becomes due when the event on which it depends is decided, except as provided under Rule 4.

19. Dividends for Place will be paid on horses placed First, Second and Third when 8 or more horses are declared to start and first and second when 4 or less than 8 horses are declared to start. In the event of the requisite number of starters as above being declared to start and one or more not coming under Starter’s orders, place bets shall still be 1,2,3 or 1,2 as the case may be, provided such bets shall be subject to any deductions directed under the rule in the case of a horse or horses being declared a non-starter or non-starters. A horse that has come under Starter's orders will be considered an actual starter.